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    New shops opening, issues about shops

    36 members



    Post yoru happy occasions online: let us know about births, birthdays, anniversaries, exam successes and any other celebrations you would like to share with Melksham People. And pay tribute to your loved ones.

    20 members



    get togethers, parties,

    35 members



    Melksham Carnival, sponsorship, volunteering

    14 members



    Food, local pubs, restaurants, food services, take aways

    16 members

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    Animal care, animal stories, events, horses, dogs, cats

    25 members

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    Melksham exhibitions, art galleries, paintings, collections

    15 members

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    Environmental issues, Melksham Climate Friendly group and more...

    24 members

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    Acting, singing, dancing, playing music

    6 members

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    Melksham Radio

    It's a voice for the town!

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Sasha Heseltine

Why I like Melksham

Melksham is a small, friendly town that is really starting to thrive, with redevelopment going on in the high street, new facilities and shops opening all the time, a great new school opening in September and a renewed sense of community. The town is set to grow dramatically over the next few years so that should see cafés, shops, and pubs in the area flourishing. Let’s hope so anyway! From Lacock to Seend and Steeple Ashton, there are plenty of pretty villages with pubs and restaurants, farm shops and local stores to support, even a beautiful canal to walk explore. Hopefully this website will encourage people to go out and about and see what’s available to them in this lovely community.


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